I love screenwriting’s disguise. A Billy Joel-esque, “she only reveals what she wants you to see”. When you write a short film, TV series or movie you can include a truth or rumination without exposing yourself completely. My characters aren’t me, but parts of me are in them.

I woke…

Adulthood (noun): the state or condition of being fully grown or mature.

© HBO, Sex And The City

There’s an intermediate period where you can find solace in being a young adult. That waiting room before the full brink of expectations and pressure. A waiting room full of sexually-charged, fumbling, neurotic, messy haze. …

I’m 24 years old from this county. She is beautiful and she is complicated. The saying goes: “I’ve never met anyone from Donegal who is not insanely proud to be from Donegal”. And they’re right. Wherever we go, we bring our lilty accents and high praises for the hills.


Saturday morning. Fumbling out of linen sheets and sleep with the wading panic of last minute film school homework.

We were meant to break down a movie into a specific analysis, but earlier in the week I missed the beat that this was meant to be a film we thought…

Shannon Welby

25. ‘Quand ça va pas, y aura toujours le cinéma’

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